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Today Esources.co.uk is statistically the UK’s largest resource of verified wholesalers, dropshippers, distributors and direct importers. It is also regarded by many as the safest route to securing trade partnerships with profitable suppliers. You are probably reading this article because you already know how difficult it can be to find dependable and profitable sources for your resale business. With Esources you could have instant access to over 100,000 individually vetted suppliers of the most diverse range of products; from fast selling lines to niche products, authentic branded goods, and true wholesale drop shippers searchable in seconds. The kind of resource that would upset even the most stubborn of middlemen. And it has.

Middlemen dropshippers, by many regarded as parasites of the online world, not content to take your money under false pretences are now trying to distance you from resources that can actually help you make money. Esources receives hundreds of positive reviews from sellers who have used it because it helps them turn a profit. It’s a tool that helps understand the dynamics that lead to profits. Appearances may deceive, on the surface Esources looks like any other common list of suppliers. Yet its contents have a much more significant and lasting influence on the success of sellers who understand the importance of choice and reliability. If you are one of those sellers crippled by high prices and by products which look similar to everybody else’s, Esources will help you make your business a success in ways you never thought possible.

Unlimited eCommerce Websites with Hosting Included

An added benefit of joining Esources.co.uk is the opportunity to set up an ecommerce website in minutes, with free hosting included. You can also open separate websites to target different niches separately. Below is a list of some of the features included with each ecommerce store:

Set Up
1. No Software Knowledge Required (site is self installed for you, with free hosting included)
2. Choose between 21 different designs
3. Customise the site logo and header
4. Customise colours
5. Unlimited Bandwidth
6. Can Be Used with Existing Domain Name
7. Free Customer Support and Help Guides
8. Secure SSL Connection
9. Already Set Up to Accept Paypal and Google Checkout
10. Search Engine Optimised (comes already optimised for Google, Bing and Yahoo)

Product Management
1. Import or Export Products via Spreadsheet or XML Feed (use multiple drop shippers to import multiple feeds, or bulk upload your products)
2. Multi-Currency Functionality
3. Show Products by Brand or Supplier (good for SEO)
4. Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders
5. Simple and Advanced Product Search
6. Showcase Top Sellers, Recently Viewed and Related Products
7. Show Visitors their Browsing History
8. Product Rating System
9. Mark Products as Special Offer
10. Customisable and Unlimited Product Options (colours, weight, size)
11. Customisable Shipping Settings (by weight, quantity or price)
12. Custom Shipping Methods (allow buyers to choose between different shipping options)
13. Set Tax Rates by Product, State and/or Region
14. Optimized Checkout Process
15. Option to Accept Payments by Cheque
16. Customisable Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Support Contact Form
17. Issue Coupons
18. All New Product Pages automatically optimized for SEO

Advanced Features
1. Translate Your Website in Multiple Languages
2. Customise Store Navigation
3. Add Unlimited Content Pages (good for SEO)
4. Customisable Meta Keywords for further SEO
5. Auto Upload Products to the Google Shopping channel

Back End
1. Easy and Secure Back End Management Console (manage your store from anywhere)
2. Manage Orders and Customer Details
3. Auto-Generate, Customise and Email Order Invoices
4. Automatic Stock Control (stock levels auto-update every time you make a sale, and out of stock products can be set to be hidden automatically)
5. Stock Level Alerts (to alert you when you need to replenish stocks of certain products)
6. View and Analyse Traffic Statistics
7. View and Analyse Sales Statistics

1. Notify Buyers who have shown an interest about a product as soon as the product is back in stock

If you have been struggling to make money online, Esources is the one-stop solution to set up a successful resale business from the beginning. You can read Esources testimonials at this link; learn from other people’s experiences so that you can save money, avoid other people’s mistakes, and save on costs by dealing with trustworthy suppliers only.

Premium Supplier Service

If you are a UK based supplier, you can register your services for free by providing all your business details. By upgrading to premium supplier membership, you can get immediate and extensive exposure for your business in the most cost effective way. Esources is the largest trade directory service of its kind, not only in terms of traffic but also in terms of user base. You can raise awareness of your wholesale business quickly and target trade buyers in seconds.

As a premium supplier you will be able to:

  • Get top positions in search results and in the suppliers directories and indexes
  • Receive enquires from both basic and premium buyers
  • List unlimited products
  • Post Sell leads and respond to buy requests from relevant trade buyers
  • Display your contact details live and openly to all buyers
  • Track referral traffic to your website
  • Obtain TradePass authentication

Trade buyers can also register with esources for free and enjoy a host of benefits such as free access to all premium suppliers and the latest wholesale deals sent weekly to your email address.

Regular Scam Alerts from Esources Keep Retailers on their Toes

Esources is probably the only trade directory service that individually verifies all the wholesalers and suppliers listed on their directory. Scam companies simply cannot find their way into this highly credible list because of the stringent verification processes that trade suppliers have to endure.

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