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Wholesaledeals.co.uk is one of the most dependable and trusted online wholesale trade directories in the UK. It is perhaps the only portal where you get a continuous flow of information about the latest and most profitable wholesale and dropship deals from reputable and honest UK suppliers.

If you want to have a peek into the amazing profit margins available for registered members on wholesaledeals, randomly pick up a couple of deals that are on offer today. The Covergirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder is available for trade retailers at £1.14. It sells on eBay for £6.54 giving a profit mark up percentage of 473.68 which is incredibly high. The Ladies Leopard Print Sarongs is being offered at £1.50 and sells at whopping mark up of 266 percent on eBay at £5.49.

Wholesaledeals Makes Profit Making Quick and Effortless

If you are a registered retailer on wholesaledeals, you can find numerous such offers which present an opportunity to buy wholesale and dropship deals at 45 to 95 percent margins. The deals come with the added security that they are already a hit on eBay and Amazon, selling at nearly 20 times the price you paid for them. Wholesaledeals are the best deals sourcing specialists in the UK. Their team of researchers works round the clock to unearth the best available opportunities to make profits.

The data gathered is presented in a user-friendly format in one place and includes all outgoings such as VAT and taxes applicable. You can benefit immensely from these wholesale deals as it saves your time and effort and gives you the best opportunities available on a platter. You can choose from the various low-priced subscriptions that are ideal for your business situation.

The Deals Database:

• Available for £14.99 per month, it gives you access to 16,000 plus live wholesale and dropship deals.
• You can sell these products for an average profit margin of 200-300 percent
• You can built a reputation as a retailer of authentic and exclusive designer brands
• You can avail exclusive discounts available for members only

The Suppliers Database:

• Get access to over 25,000 UK verified wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, dropshippers and importers
• Find over 20,000 verified EU trade suppliers
• Do business with the best US based dropshippers and wholesale suppliers
• Get started with a monthly fee of just £20

The Combo Database:

• Get the benefits of all suppliers and deals database at a low monthly fee of £24.99
• Enjoy 100 percent uptime guarantee
• Be well informed about upcoming deals through regular newsletter updates
• Enjoy fast premium support
• Make faster and consistent profits through multiple updates daily

• Wholesaledeals is a Safe Trading Platform Because the Site Has Verified Suppliers Only

Wholesaledeals is not only about finding the best wholesale deals online and making steady profits. UK traders prefer doing business with wholesaledeals.co.uk because they keep you insulated from wholesale and dropship scams. The deals available are from reputable, honest and established suppliers. The portal was the first to expose a chain of dropshipping scams way back in 2009. Despite threats and malicious attempts to tar their name, they have not wavered from their commitment of making the UK ecommerce marketplace clean, transparent and scam free.

The wholesalers, dropshippers and manufacturers listed on the wholesaledeals directory are 100 percent genuine and legitimate because they are verified individually. Suppliers are listed only after their credentials are established beyond doubt. As a trade buyer, you can do business with any supplier on wholesaledeals, secure in the belief that they are not scammers. That is why the UK trading community prefers to use wholesaledeals.co.uk over other similar services.

Wholesaledeals focuses on small and medium retailers. Their deals are always based on smaller minimum orders and low priced products. That is why they are perfect for you. The deals are also guaranteed for performance. You get your money back if the promised profits do not fructify.

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